Sustainable supply chain

Sustainable supply chain

Sustainability is a collective responsibility - our supply chain are helping us turn our vision for a sustainable future into reality.

Our procurement decisions are based on best value and consider whole-life costs and benefits. We consider the environmental, social and economic impact of all our activities.

We expect our supply chain partners to support us in achieving best value for money and to improve sustainable outcomes for our customers.

Our vision

We aim to improve sustainable outcomes for our business and our customers through a high performing supply chain.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our work. This includes:

  • Working to reduce the key environmental impacts of supply chain operations and ensure legal compliance.
  • Sourcing products, materials and services ethically through recognised standards.
  • Minimising waste and material use, giving preference to materials products and services with greatest circular-economy benefits.
  • Reducing the energy use of our projects and quantifying the embodied carbon of key materials.
  • Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of our sites and managing the environmental impact of the products and materials we use.
  • Reducing impacts on air quality by controlling dust and harmful emissions.
  • Improving our combined capability to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Together with our supply chain, we will positively impact local communities by:

  • Engaging positively with communities and working to avoid disruption to local people.
  • Offering small and medium enterprises, social enterprises and local businesses the opportunity to participate in our supply chain.
  • Working with suppliers who actively manage diversity and inclusion in their workforce.
  • Recruiting locally and providing opportunities for graduates, trainees, apprenticeships and work experience placements.
  • Implementing a proactive approach to tackling hidden labour exploitation and eliminate these practices in our wider supply chain.

Sustainability Ambitions

Our refreshed Sustainability Strategy, Building New Futures, charts a course for us to go further, faster, and is focussed on the three area’s most important to our business – the environment, materials and communities. It sets firm 2030 targets and outlines our 2040 Ambitions to go Beyond Net Zero Carbon, to Generate Zero Waste and to Positively Impact More than 1 Million People.

Building New Futures: Our Sustainability Strategy

Read our UK Sustainable Procurement Policy here

Read our Sustainable Procurement Policy Requirements Guidance here

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Balfour Beatty is a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, an industry-led organisation driving the improvement of sustainability skills and knowledge of the built environment supply chain. The Supply Chain Sustainability School aims to build a best in class supply chain for the UK built environment sector.

The School provides CPD accredited e-learning modules and training workshops, tailored self-assessment and action plans, benchmarking tools, networking opportunities and access to thousands of online resources. The resources cover ten key topics: biodiversity, employment, skills & ethics, energy & carbon, environmental management, local business & community and materials, sustainable procurement, sustainability strategy, waste and water. Detailed information is given for the common building materials we use today; bricks, concrete, glass, steel, stone and timber.