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National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Build the Future

08 February 2021

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This year’s National Apprenticeship Week theme is “Build the Future” - a theme we can relate to in more ways than one. Supporting young people - the future experts and leaders of this industry - is essential to growing and strengthening our business, our industry and ultimately our society.

Communities - Positively Impacting More than 1 Million People

09 December 2020

Hans Hansen, Project Executive and Community Engagement Specialist in the US

We believe we can make a real difference to improving the wellbeing and prosperity of the communities in which we operate, so it’s our ambition to positively impact the lives of over one million people by 2040 through the projects that we deliver and our diverse supply chain partners.

Materials – Zero Waste Generated

09 December 2020

Emma Harvey, Group Sustainability Manager for Gammon, Balfour Beatty’s 50:50 joint venture in Hong Kong
Over the next 20 years, we’re striving to choose the right materials, using less materials and creating value from the materials we no longer need. If it’s not possible to get to zero waste on a project we’ve committed to working with our partners to find alternative solutions.

Environment – Beyond Net Zero Carbon

09 December 2020

Bekir Andrews, Group Head of Sustainability and Reporting in the UK
In the rapidly changing world in which we live, making a positive contribution to communities requires all of us to pull in the same direction. We must be bold and ensure that we as businesses help, rather than hinder, the big societal challenges we all face.

We’re Building New Futures

09 December 2020

Kari Sprostranova, Group Sustainability Director

The construction and infrastructure industry has long been recognised as one which has a significant impact on the world; whether we’re building critical national infrastructure such as roads and railways or schools and hospitals at the heart of local communities.

We’re having a Big Health and Safety Conversation

09 November 2020

heatherHeather Bryant

At Balfour Beatty, our number one priority is always the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone - it's at the crux of everything that we do and is our license to operate.

We signed an open letter further supporting black inclusion

26 October 2020


At Balfour Beatty, we’re committed to creating an inclusive culture and diverse workforce not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes us a better business.

We’re standing firm in our commitment to young people

08 October 2020

Leo Quinn

The country’s future will be decided by the choices we make today, and this is too important an issue not to act. We must not let an entire generation down.

National Inclusion Week 2020: Each One, Reach One

25 September 2020

NIW 2020

As we step into National Inclusion Week on Monday, the theme of this year – Each One, Reach One – couldn’t be more spot-on.