A range of personal strengths and industry backgrounds are represented on the Board, which is made up of two female and seven male Directors. Further information on the skills and backgrounds of individual Directors can be found in the Board biography section on pages 108 and 109 of the 2020 Annual report.

Senior leadership, comprising the Executive Committee and their direct reports (excluding administrative assistants), consists of 33 females and 91 males, meaning a 26.6% female representation. Details of the gender breakdown across the Group can be found in the People section on page 75 of the 2020 Annual report.

The Board is committed to ensuring that it remains diverse and it has a diversity and inclusion policy to support this. At Board level, currently two out of nice Directors (22%) are women. The Board recognises that it does not currently meet the target set by the Hampton-Alexander Review and will aim to enhance the diversity of its Board through ongoing succession planning.

The Board further acknowledges the Parker Review directing that boards of FTSE 250 companies should have at least one director from an ethnic minority background by 2024 and also aims to address this through future succession planning.