Committing the construction industry to a healthier future

Health in Construction Leadership Group

Balfour Beatty is a founding member of the Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG).

The collaborative group has set out to eradicate ill-health and diseases caused by exposure to health hazards in the construction industry. The HCLG comprises contractors, customers, the Health and Safety Executive, professional bodies, trade associations and trade unions.

It is currently engaged in bringing key industry leaders and influencers in the construction sector together on a regular basis, to discuss ways of cooperating and tackling the health problems facing the industry. By 2025, the Group aims to make construction the leading industry for occupational health and disease prevention.

At its inaugural summit, over 150 key business leaders committed to eradicating the health risks of working in construction and tackling the growing problem of mental health in the workforce.
In 2017 the tactical action plan for the original vision came together, with attendees sharing best practice on mental health issues and respiratory risks. Delegates were encouraged to take the findings of the conference and develop best practice further within their own organisations.

Balfour Beatty's UK Health & Safety Director, Heather Bryant, has described the group as “the beginning of our next step in the journey to health.”

Visit the HCLG website and watch the short films below for more information.